Oct. 30th 2011 – Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time – Psalm 131 “In You O Lord I Have Found My Peace”

Over the past 42 years of my work as a liturgical musician and composer I have written over 500 settings of the Psalms which we sing as a response after the First Reading every Sunday. 32 of those years I along with my wife Collene Lynch have led the congregation of Christ The King Parish in Seattle, Washington in the singing of these psalms.  I have composed settings for virtually every psalm in our 3 year cycle.  Even today, I continue to be inspired to compose new settings which will ultimately end up on these pages.  In this web site I will endeavor to share these Psalms from week to week that can be freely used by parishes everywhere.  Note that the verses are either to be chanted, sung melodically or spoken behind the chordal accompaniment given above the text.  In our parish we liberally improvise these verses so I invite you to find your own voice in singing the verses of each Psalm. No Keyboard parts are given so once again, you will need to improvise these as well.

This coming Sunday Oct 30, 2011 we have Psalm 131 “In You O Lord I Have Found My Peace” Below is an image file of the psalm which can be saved by right clicking, “save picture as” then printing out.  I will be posting these regularly giving music directors a week or 2 or more to  be planning, preparing and rehearsing these settings.

Click below to hear Psalm 131 “In You O Lord I Have Found My Peace”


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